Academic Courses

Academic Courses

SFL Academy's academic courses will deepen your knowledge of liberty with videos, supplementary readings and knowledge checks. 

We partner up with different libertarian organizations to produce our courses. Our aim is to design them in a way that allows your learning experience fun and engaging.

Check out bellow the course badges you can earn by finishing our courses:


Blockchain Economics

This course was designed to introduce you to Blockchain and Cryptoeconomics, as well as the theory behind it and how it connects to liberty today. Learn about the political obstacles to cryptocurrency adoption and discover if Bitcoin really is a bubble with Prof. Andrea O’Sullivan, Prof. Lawrence White, Prof. William Luther, and Prof. Jason Potts.

Liberty 101

Liberty 101 is an online course produced together by Students For Liberty and Learn Liberty in which you will learn about the principles of a free society from a libertarian perspective.

Liberty in Africa

Students For Liberty partnered with six libertarian and classical liberal organizations throughout Africa to produce this online course addressing the history, principles, and policy implications of liberty in Africa.

Freedom of Expression

This course is designed to help you understand the philosophical and legal defense of freedom of expression, and how to engage in effective activism to defend freedom of expression on your campus and in your community. Learn how to argue in favor of freedom of expression from a philosophical, legal and moral standpoint.

Introduction to Objectivism

Objectivism is a systematic philosophy originated by Ayn Rand, the author of Atlas Shrugged and other works on philosophy, culture, and politics. She was an advocate of capitalism as a moral ideal—free minds and free markets, as she was the first to put it—and helped inspire the modern libertarian movement.